How Do Frequencies Heal?

Einstein’s simple, elegant mass-energy equivalence formula, E=mc2, has revealed more things than we realized. It implies that mass and energy are the same, which means we can use energy to alter matter. 

When we are sick or injured, our matter is damaged, and our energy field is disrupted. If we could apply the right amount of energy to the right place, we could reverse the harm and fully recover. However, the problem is how to employ energy?
Many doctors and scientists have experimented, including Nikola Tesla. Then, in a spark of light, Royal Raymond Rife, an American inventor, has built a “beam ray” device that can devitalize disease organisms through vibration. He has found “Mortal Oscillatory Rate” for various pathogenic organisms. With the correct frequency, the vibration can eliminate corresponding bacteria or viruses. His machine was later known as the Rife Machine.
What Dr. Rife discovered was incredible. A vibration is a form of energy that can be focused and applied to the human body. Besides Dr. Rife’s beam ray, other forms of vibration, including light, electricity, and sound, can potentially help with diseases.
Have you seen a singer break a glass by simply singing a note? This is because the glass can resonate with sound vibration and gain energy. When the energy surpasses its threshold, the glass shatters. Doctors utilized this phenomenon and invented ultrasonic devices that can destroy kidney stones. Isn’t this similar to Dr. Rife’s “Mortal Oscillatory Rate?” Indeed, if we apply sound with the correct frequencies, we can make pathogens resonate, and when the vibrational energy reaches the threshold, the pathogens will disintegrate on their own. Or we can provide energy to certain tissues or areas so that they can gain the power needed to regenerate and heal. However, if you listen to disease frequencies while not having the corresponding disease, you probably will not feel much other than gaining a little energy that will dissipate quickly.
That is what Frequency Heals offer. We create frequency audios to help with all kinds of conditions, whether physical discomfort or mental issues. Our database comes from famous frequency research institutes, including ETDFL in German and Consolidated Annotated Frequency List. Since you have come here, why not let our sounds heal you?

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