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Mindful Audio-Portable Frequency Healing Music Player

How do you like to hear your favorite healing frequencies? Is listening to them on the computer too troublesome for you? You cannot download our healing frequencies because you are using an iPhone? Now you have a better way—play them with Mindful Audio.

About Mindful Audio

Mindful Audio is designed to help you enjoy your favorite healing audios more conveniently. It is a portable music player whose primary job is to play healing music. Its portability allows you to carry it wherever you go, even somewhere without an Internet connection. Now users can easily download the audio files into Mindful Audio and listen to the frequencies. Also, we have preloaded some healing music on the SD card of Mindful Audio to raise your vibrations, and you can add more music to it. The product will be launched on March 18th with free shipping! Don’t miss out!

Mindful Audio can also become a speaker via either USB connection or Bluetooth. It can then control the music playing on your phone or PC.

Features of Mindful Audio

Excellent sound quality: Mindful Audio has only less than 1% of distortion, which allows you to enjoy precise frequency healing from the music.
Portability: The device is very small, no bigger than your smartphone. It can conveniently fit in your pocket, and you can use it without the Internet.
Convenient speaker: With a USB cord or Bluetooth, Mindful Audio can become a speaker.
Music selection: You can press the numbers to select the audio you want to hear. Also, when your Mindful Audio is connected to your phone or computer, you can control music playing on them by pressing the buttons on the Mindful Audio.
SD card reader: When you connect your Mindful Audio to a computer via USB, you can make it a flash drive and change the files on the SD card. You can add more healing music to your device this way.
Built-in flashlight: After turning on the device, you can turn on the flashlight by pressing one button. It will help you find your way in the dark.
Rechargeability: Mindful Audio uses a 18650 rechargeable lithium battery. You can recharge it instead of throwing it away after using up its power.

With Mindful Audio, you can now put your favorite healing frequencies in your pocket and enjoy them at any time or place.

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