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The Human Body Frequency

Energy is everywhere around us, all the time. Whatever you can see, it's there. Positive people tend to get positive energy and negative people tend to get negative energy. Everyone or every substance can send out their own energy, so when you’re near them you may acquire these energetic frequencies on a subconscious level. The human body energy field has a great influence on our health.  

Everything in our existence is made up of energy, which related to vibrational frequencies. Frequency, often measured as hertz (Hz), stands for the vibration rate. Everything consists of atoms which produces, emits, and receives energy at a specific frequency. Understanding the difference between high and low frequencies is important for us to know. Also, knowing how these two frequencies interact with each other, can benefit your well-being.

Frequency healing, for body, spirit, and mind, was put forward by the American inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) who discovered electrical technology. He said, “if you could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered with our bodies, we would have greater resistance toward disease.” Dr.Royal R. Rife (1888-1971), who is also known because of the invention of the ‘beam ray’ during the 1930s, thought that certain frequencies could be used to treat some diseases.

It is said that the average frequency of the human body during daytime ranges from 62Hz to 68 Hz. According to research, the body resonates a frequency between 62~68 Hz when it is healthy. Our bodies healthy frequency would change due to different factors, and when it’s lower than its normal level, diseases and health problems would more easily develop. For example, the frequency of colds and the flu starts at 57~60 Hz.

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