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Solfeggio Healing Frequencies

The Solfeggio Frequencies are said to be a series of 6 electromagnetic musical tones. The Gregorian Monks would use these tones when they were chanting and meditating. It is believed that Solfeggio Frequencies play an important role in the conscious and subconscious mind, stimulating inner healing and promoting vitality.  

Back in 1974, Dr.Joseph Puleo discovered that the Solfeggio Frequencies could deeply penetrate the conscious and subconscious mind, creating a positive inner experience. Each Solfeggio tone has its own effect. With the help of Solfeggio Frequencies, deep layers of negativity and energy blockages can be removed, and you can enjoy an emotional and spiritual release.

The main six Solfeggio frequencies are listed below:

● 396 Hz - Let Go of Guilt & Relieve Anxiety

● 417 Hz - Release Negative Energy & Relieve Stress

● 528 Hz - Stimulate DNA Repair & Vibrate at Love Frequency

● 639 Hz - Enhance Mutual Understanding & Improve Relationships

● 741 Hz - Free Your Mind & Help Creative Problem Solving

● 852 Hz - Return to Spiritual Order


How Solfeggio Frequencies Can Help You

1. 396 Hz

396 Hz is the miracle tone to heal guilt and fear. Guilt is a natural uncomfortable inner feeling when you feel unpleasant because of something you did, or something you failed to complete. When listening to this audio, you can liberate yourself from these heavy burdens and feel relieved. It helps relieve stress and lift up your heart.

2. 417 Hz

417 Hz is one of the beautiful Solfeggio Frequencies. It helps clear negative thoughts, remove subconscious weakness, change toxic thought patterns, and quitting harmful habits. 417 Hz is beneficial to stimulate pattern changes and connect you back with a happy life. Listening to 417 Hz Solfeggio Music can help you wipe out negative energy, relieve a bad mood, release stress, and enjoy a restful night.

3. 528 Hz

528 Hz is the energy for love and health. It's an harmonic vibration that can lift your heart and increase awareness. It's also commonly called the Love frequency, and when listening to this audio, you will feel your spirit awakening, and also mental improvement. It can also help restore & repair DNA, and stimulate transformation.

4. 639 Hz

639 Hz is the sound vibration that enhances mutual understanding, increases tolerance, and creates an harmonious living environment. It may boost better relationships and strengthen family connections. Listening to this frequency tone will help you become more understanding, gentle, kind, and compassionate.

5. 741 Hz

741 Hz will set you free and make you be filled with solutions and possibilities. If you are struggling with problems, your mind will be opened, inspired, and find new ways of expressing yourself when listening to the healing tone. It helps relieve stress and worries, allowing you to let go of your thoughts and feelings.

6. 852 Hz

852 Hz is the frequency for spiritual balance. It can help create a healthier and more stable state of mind. This sound frequency increases awareness, helping you return to spiritual order.

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