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Qi, the Vital Life Force

More and more people are working in offices nowadays. They sit in a chair for hours, never or rarely exercise, and feel stressed all the time. They look pale, feel weak, and lack appetite. They may fear low temperatures and high temperatures alike, but they sweat even if they feel cold. If you are one of them, you have qi deficiency, and this article is dedicated to you.

What Is Qi?

Qi, while means air literally, is a vital life force that circulates in one's body. It is an inseparable part of the human and always moving, controlling, and regulating daily metabolism. According to Chinese medicine, qi and blood are the two essential materials that sustain human life. Like blood, if qi stops flowing, it means the end of life.


What Is Qi Deficiency?

Qi comes from three sources: the essential qi from your kidneys, the clear qi from your lungs, and hydro-cereal qi from your stomach. If any of these organs is not working as it should be, your qi production will be reduced and qi flow obstructed, resulting in qi deficiency.


The Symptoms of Qi Deficiency

Many symptoms are associated with qi deficiency. In general, qi deficiency can cause:

  • Weakness

  • Lack of strength

  • Looking pale

  • Shortness of breath

  • Dizziness or drowsiness

  • Excessive sweating

When certain organs do not receive enough qi flow, particular symptoms could occur, such as:

  • Qi deficiency in the kidneys: bad memory, muscle aches, frequent urination

  • Qi deficiency in the lungs: coughing, catching cold often

  • Qi deficiency in the heart: palpitation, low blood pressure

  • Qi deficiency in the stomach: lack of appetite, digestive problems, diarrhea

In general, qi deficiency in any organ will slow down the metabolism in the organ, making it seem weak.


How to Treat Qi Deficiency?

Qi deficiency can be reversed with proper treatment, even if it is a congenital condition. The following approaches can help you gain more qi and improve qi circulation.



Although this sounds cliche, exercise is still a great method to treat many conditions. Qi and blood are interrelated. When one is blocked, the other will also be inhibited. Exercise, especially cardio workouts, can strengthen your heart, allowing it to pump more blood. In turn, blood will push qi around the body and ensure enough qi flow, thus curing qi deficiency.



Getting more sleep sounds like a simple suggestion, yet many people do not have time for sleep, not to mention satisfactory sleep quality. It is never enough to emphasize how critical sleep is for health. During sleep, your brain gets rid of harmful chemicals, your cells rest and restore energy, and your organs repair themselves. All of these guarantee adequate qi flow for your body. 


Breathing Exercises

Since some of the qi comes from the lungs, breathing is quite important to qi flow. Deep breath will not only help you take in more oxygen but also gather more qi. Here, I will teach you the technique of abdominal breathing, a convenient and useful way to gather qi.

  • Relax, lie down on your back or stand straight.

  • When you breathe, expand your abdomen instead of your chest.

  • Inhale for 7 seconds and exhale for 8 seconds.

  • Repeat for 10 minutes. (It is even better if you can do this exercise for two hours.)

After this exercise, you should sense a warm feeling in your abdomen, which means you have gathered qi inside your body.


Your stomach gathers hydro-cereal qi from the food you eat. A balanced diet will guarantee sufficient qi production and smooth qi flow. Therefore, if you eat foods with qi-boosting power, you can improve your qi deficiency symptoms. Red dates, peanuts, Chinese yam, beef, chicken, grapes, ginseng, lotus roots, and tomatoes are fitting options for extra qi and qi balance.


Qi is crucial for one's health. If you have qi deficiency, you may not develop severe conditions immediately, but in the long run, you will become weak and disabled. When you have qi deficiency symptoms mentioned above, you should consider following our advice and replenishing your qi. Remember, no qi, no life.

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