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Fever Treatment丨Lower Body Heat Naturally & Reduce Inflmmation or Pain


Fever Treatment丨Lower Body Heat Naturally & Reduce Inflmmation or Pain

A fever occurs when your body temperature goes above 37.5 degrees Celsius. It’s a sign that your body is fighting an infection, but it does not mean that you are already seriously sick. It is important to assess what other symptoms you may have and how high your temperature is to determine if you are already quite unwell. Fever’s usually go hand in hand with bodily infections such as colds, flu’s and chest infections. Fevers generally last under a week and goes away with home care and rest, but it is important to stay vigilant in case your fever is a symptom of something more sinister or it doesn’t go away. If along with a fever, you are also experiencing a headache, sore neck, and you find that light sources hurt your eyes, it is important to see a doctor right away in case you have meningitis. Some signs you have a fever include shivers, hot-and-cold flushes, excessive sweating, and feeling hot when the surrounding temperature is cold (or vice-versa). When you have a fever, it is important to rest at home and give your body a chance to recover.

Rife healing frequency is a natural healing method that may help lower your body temperature naturally. Rife healing frequency relaxes the body to its calm neutral state and allows powerful messages of self-healing to flow through your mind. These positive messages may help your immune system to fight off unwanted pathogens and recover sooner. By reducing recovery time, you can get back to your normal routine quicker and continue living at your best. This audio frequency may also alleviate inflammation and pain. It is recommended to wear loose fitting cotton clothing and use cotton sheets to help feel more comfortable during a fever. A cold damp flannel on the head and showers may also help provide some relief. 

What kind of audio files do you provide?

All our audios are MP3 files. Free sample audio files are 1 minute long. Purchased audio files play for 15 minutes. 

What size and quality are the audio files? 
The file size for healing audio is approximately 17.1 MB. The audio sample bit rate is 320kbps.  

How do I receive healing audio files?
After you pay for your order, you will see a download button on the product page. Click this button to save the audio file directly onto 
your computer. You can view your purchases in the order section of your account.

How long should I listen to the audio files?
For good health, it is recommended to listen to 15-20 minutes of audio 2-3 times per day. 

Should I use headphones?
Headphones are not required but they can help enhance your listening experience. 

What volume level should I use?
The audio volume can be adjusted to meet your personal preference. We recommend maintaining a moderate volume at a comfortable level to avoid hearing damage. 

Do I have to close my eyes while listening to the audio?

Your eyes can be opened or closed while listening to the healing audio. You can relax and listen with your eyes closed or have your eyes open whilst doing other activities.

Are the audio files royalty free? 
No. When you buy this healing frequency, it's yours to keep and use forever. But our audios are for personal use only - it is copyrighted. 

Disclaimer: The information and products on this website are not approved by the FDA, and are not intended to replace the medical advice, diagnosis, or recommendations of your physician or healthcare provider. This site makes no claims that products, therapies, or services herein will cure disease.

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