$ 19
  • As low as $1.00/day


$ 49
  • As low as $0.55/day


$ 129
  • As low as $0.35/day


How to download the app?

You can either click the icons above or search “Frequency Heals” in App Store or Google Play to download the app.

How to log in?

You will automatically log in after successful registration. If not, you can reopen the app and type in your account and password on the interface to log in.

How to unsubscribe?

Please refer to our Auto-Renewal Agreement to check the specific steps for iOS and Android.

Is there a free trial?

Yes. After successful registration, you will receive a free trial period.

How can I contact customer support?

Please send your inquiry to

How to register?

When you first start the app, you will find a “Create an account” in the lower left corner. Tap it and follow the instructions to register a Frequency Heals account.

How to subscribe?

Log in to the Frequency Heals App, navigate to the “Personal” section, and select the “Buy Membership” option. Choose from monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscriptions, and upon successful payment, you will be automatically subscribed to the App for the selected period.

How to play the music I want?

Tap a track, and it will start playing.

How to find a specific frequency?

In the “Programs” tab, type keywords in the search box to find related frequencies.

How can I refer a friend?

In the “Personal” tab, tap “My Referrals,” and tap “Share” to send your friends your referral link.

Frequency Heals

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